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5 Rules To Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable For
the First Meeting With Your Parents

5 Rules To Make Your Girlfriend Comfortable For the First Meeting With Your Parents

You have met your girlfriend's parents by now. When you met them for the first time, the only thing you were concerned about was making a good impression. Now that a role-reversal is happening, it's her turn to make an equally good impact on your parents. However, it's your responsibility too to make the thing work in a better way.

Introducing your partner to your family can totally be anxiety inducing, but you can set up a foundation for a good relationship. Explain your family dynamics, interests, expressions, rules, and suggest gifts for the meeting in order to ensure they make a great first impression.
Don't leave your first impression to the hands of fate. Most of the times, dads are cooler in this respect. However, it's your mother who would be a strict scrutinizer and you know it.

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Prepare both your girlfriend and mother to make sure a smooth meeting. Start it a few days prior and counsel them well. You need to give your mother the assurance that she is the one for you. However, assuming you are an Indian, your girlfriend needs to realize that she should fit well in the family.

Prepare a dossier
Give your girlfriend a primer about the drama and dynamics in your family. Your mom hates your Hindi TV series, your brother is good at studies, and your dad has been out of work for six months. The more she knows, the less likely she is to inadvertently "step in it."

If your girlfriend would like to bring a gift for your parents, that's definitely a nice gesture. Give her some suggestions on what would go over well. Does your mom have a favourite flower? Do they love trying new coffees? You don't want your girlfriend to offer a bottle of wine to your teetotaling parents.
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Common discussion points
You need to find a common ground she shares with your parents. People like other people who are like them. So let your girlfriend know a thing or two she has in common with your folks that she can bring up with them. "He tells me you're into gardening. I've been trying to dip my toes into it by starting a little kitchen garden in my flat-balcony."

Physical affection
Let her know about how your family demonstrates physical affection. Maybe your mom isn't a hugger and it would be best for your girlfriend to offer a Namaste and touch her feets. Or maybe she needs to be prepared for the fact that your mom is going to give her a peck on the cheeks.

Rules of the house
Should she take off her shoes when she comes inside? Do you always say prayer before meals? You don't want your girl to be digging into her paneer tikka as everyone else bows their head for a prayer.

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