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5 Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles (Hint: Goodbye Pity Fests and Emotional Binging)
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5 Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles (Hint: Goodbye Pity Fests and Emotional Binging)

Gone are the days when singles are often recommended to burn their ex-boyfriends pictures ( remember this particular classic Friends episode ) or guzzle down large amounts of chocolates to sink in the bitter feeling of being single on Valentine's Day. But hey, many of us out there would want to celebrate our singledom with the same vigour as zest as couples would on Valentine's Day. Today, we have jotted down for your 5 such unique ideas to celebrate the day of love, in general - irrespective of your relationship status.

1. Fall in love with a NEW activity.
You have been itching to join that neighbourhood trousseau packing classes for a while or your best friend has been after you to accompany her in her newly joined Zumba class? We suggest go for it and take the plunge! Challenge yourself this Valentine's Day to opt for a new-found hobby.

2. Just send LOVE to someone in the need of it.
Initiate an epidemic by giving Valentine's Day cards to your group of friend circle, colleagues or whosoever you think needs to feel special on this V-day. You aren't really a card type of person? Then we suggest volunteer in a noble social activity - may be something like preparing breakfast and donating it to a nearby orphan school or supplying milk bottles to animal shelter venues. Indulge in an act of kindness this Valentine's Day and make it a memorable one.

3. Go for a SOLO trip.
You have been checking up with your folks and friends for a while now, but no trip or holidaying plan seem to have materialised? We suggest, ditch the group outing and go for a solo trip. This Valentine's Day, it is a brilliant idea for someone who has always wanted to venture out on a holiday trip alone!

4. Throw a LADIES-ONLY Valentine's Day party
Skirt the tradition of couples-only outing and have a fun evening with ladies in your life. Organise a no-men allowed Valentine's Day party and relish your friendship with your besties.

5. Try and resolve CONFLICTS
Valentine 's Day is a day of love and there is no better way to call up or meet up with your friend-turned-foe and resolve conflicts with him or her. We suggest, send them a sorry note, an email or a card that shows you still value your relationship with them and express your pain of being apart.

There you have it, our list of 5 unique ways to celebrate singledom this Valentine's day. What would you opt for? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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