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5 Bedtime Habits Women With Great Skin Swear by

5 Bedtime Habits Women With Great Skin Swear by

Our skin is no less than a plant that needs extra care and nourishment for staying healthy. Pampering it before you go to bed helps in rejuvenating the skin cells. Women with great skin have a proper skincare routine, especially a few necessary steps that they follow before they head to their bed. These steps do not only improve the texture and tone of the skin, but they also treat and prevent skin problems like acne, scars, aging and pigmentation.

Do you want to know what these habits are and how you can adopt them too? Keep reading till the end to find the answers.

Remove the Makeup

Any makeup residues on the skin for too long can settle into the pores and turn into a giant zit. If you want to prevent that from happening, make sure you remove all the makeup from your face thoroughly. Instead of using cleansers with harsh chemicals, take pure coconut oil on a swab and gently clean the face. The gently you treat your skin, the better it stays. Then rinse your face using a foaming face wash.

Apply a Rejuvenating Night Mask

Our skin cells are rebuilt when we are asleep and that is a perfect time to have night mask on that helps them to shed the damaged ones and build the new healthy ones. Therefore, buy a quality rejuvenating night mask for your skin and apply it after cleansing your face properly. It will also help moisturize your skin and you will wake up with much suppler skin.

Tie a Braid

Leaving your hair open while you sleep can do harm to your skin. Hair has its own oils that attract dirt easily, which gets transferred if you do not tie your hair back. Therefore, tying it into a braid will not only help keep the locks away from the face, but the hair will also improve by staying untangled and not plucked.

Drink Chamomile Tea before Bedtime

Chamomile tea does not only work wonders for skin but it also improves the sleep which ultimately positively impacts the health of the skin. It is rich with antioxidants that help in treating skin problems while de-stressing the skin. A cup of chamomile tea before bedtime will help you sleep better and wake up with more freshness on your face.

Use Silk Pillow Covers

The pillow that you sleep on matters a lot. Why? Because your face rubs against it all night and the more textured it, the worse it can make your skin. Therefore, make sure your pillow cover is not very textured. The smoother the cover, the better it is for your skin. Most of the ladies out there with flawless skin prefer silk covers. Plus, do change them after every 3 days so that they are super clean and have nothing to transfer to your skin.

(About the author: The article is written by Sania, a beauty blogger)

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