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5 Denim Hacks You Should Know

5 Denim Hacks You Should Know

We love our denims to death and there are a few lesser-known tricks that can add more style and comfort to your look. We have curated a list of a few denim hacks with inputs from popular denim brand Numero Uno, which completes 30 years in the business.

Bad Odor? Freeze Your Denims

Since denims are like our second skin, it becomes difficult to part ways with our favorite pair and despite being worn a couple of times, we feel like we can go one more day before sending it for a wash. But even though we may not realise, our denims do catch odor and the best way to deal with it is to put it in a pair of ziploc bag and freeze them overnight. This will avoid discoloration of denims, which usually happens with frequesnt wear and also kills all the odor causing bacteria too.

Chewing Gum Stuck on Demins? Use an Ice Cube

The best trick to get rid of chewing gum stuck to your pair of jeans is to rub an ice cube over it for 10-15 minutes. The gum will become hard and brittle, thereby making it very easy to peel it off and throw away.

Red Wine Stain? Use White Wine to Get Rid of It
If you accidentally drop red wine on your jeans, use white wine to get rid of the deep red colour. White wine fades the stain by dissolving the anthocyanin that gives red wine its colour. Once the stain lightens, dip the pair of jeans in a detergent immediately and wash it. Remember to not leave in the pair of jeans soaked in detergent after white wine treatment for long, because it can leave bleached stains and permanently destroy your denims.

Tired of an old pair of jeans? Use Sandpaper

If you are bored of an old pair of jeans but do not have the heart to throw it away, you can give it a stylish makeover by turning a classic pair into distressed denims. All you have to do is rub sandpaper on your jeans horizontally and see the magic unfold.

Gained weight? Use Hair Dryer to Loosen Your Denims

If you have put on some weight around the stomach and the jeans sit tight on your waist, you can loosen them by air-drying the pair of jeans and then expanding the waistband by stretching it with yout hand. If you need to stretch further, use a hair dryer over the waistband.

These were some denim hacks to save you time and money on your old pair of jeans. For men, looking to style their wardrobe for 2018, Numero Uno shares offers trendy new additions

  • A pair of dark indigo classic straight fit denims is a wardrobe staple , can be easily combined with any topwear for a dressed up or dressed down look. Truly, this classic denim never goes out of style.
  • Experiment with our laundered and washed out denims with variations of indigo to match your mood.. Choose from dark to mid tone washed out denims with authentic whisker and spray patterns which are contemporary.
  • We offer our super cool 'Jogg' denims with cuff &, draw string details & lightweighted stretchable fabrics , for those who are always on the move & are looking for fashion with comfort & utility
  • Not to be missed: An extremely distressed and heavily washed out; damaged and repaired BORO denims inspired by the Japanese boro techniques of hand repairing & mending. Get in them and keep the rockstar in you alive.

Author bio: This article is contributed by Numero Uno. The company that started off in 1987 from North India today has an array of 180 stores and has successfully garnered enough attention from the rest of the country as well. Making clothes here in India and then effectively creating a brand name and also encouraging production based "Make in India" without any intentions of using it for mileage, Numero Uno has done what other establishments give up on rather easily.

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