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7 Reasons To Read ‘The BNO – Sex, Life and Hookah’

7 Reasons To Read ‘The BNO – Sex, Life and Hookah’

Manoj Jain's 'The BNO - Sex, Life and Hookah' is a book on human relationships and sexuality. It tells a story of eight friends, who meet once in a while for a night out.

The BNO looks at how the lives of eight relationships get affected by a casual night out. From the lonely housewife to the travelling businessman, the book delves into the very private lives of married couples and how a single night can alter all existential equations.

The book sketches the urban Mumbai life in a dark marking pencil. Desperation, frustration, despair and lust lurk around. It doesn't read like a book, rather a diary of a horny teenager. While Jain has supposedly missed out on the literary charm, the book definitely succeeds in haphazard chronicling of events of men. The fast paced novel also qualifies for a comfortable read. Just a word of caution: This is certainly not for women with feminist bent of mind.

Here are 7 major quotes from the book that make the book a one-time read:

Under the racy story of the Boys night out are the underlying stories of the darker side that lurks within us all and the malaise in marriages. When did you last embrace your dark side ?

Is it to taboo to fantasize about your boss? What about the guy next door? Find out if you're the only one who thinks so !

Who are you? Are you the giver or the taker in bed? Get in touch with your sinful side!

Does his natural scent turn you on? You're not alone!

Thank you Disney for helping girls set expectations too high for any man to meet.

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.

We need to learn from our shadow, our dark side, in order to be good.

The BNO is published by Notion Press and is priced at Rs 300.

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