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7 Hacks to Balance Your Personal and Professional Life
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7 Hacks to Balance Your Personal and Professional Life

Balancing your professional and personal life is not easy any more, especially for working mothers. Expectations from both front is difficult to live up to. However, we have lot of women CEOs who juggle it really well. Poonam Gupta Founder and CEO, PG Paper Company Ltd says "Women should learn few tricks to have a shining career and fulfilling family life" and shares more hacks.

Rational assessment: The greatest trick to have a balanced personal professional life is rational assessment of the situation, you need to know like you relish your childhood, your kids too will remember their childhood days, and it's a treat to be a mother, though it comes with struggle, but everything is worth sacrificing so to see your kids growing as a good human. See them grown, feel yourself growing as well. As you see kids growing their need for attention grows as well, do not neglect their needs and sometimes your need too.

Monitor your child's education and your profession life: It is equally important so sit down and make a calendar of important event that includes crucial dates like business meeting, parents teacher meeting and even family functions, all of these are equally important no one more no one less.

Be Proactive: A mother should be more be proactive than online shopping sites that keep telling what you are missing the big sale week.

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To Do List: Take control of your life, if you need to travel outstations writer down things that to be done by family when you are not around, be creative, divide roles of family and professional team members, superpowers don't exist outside movie world, you have none, so realize that and make practical decisions, nobody would feel offended, it's just in your head.

Ask for help: You need to get this out of your brain that successful women means a bad mother, both of them co-exist, and asking family to help in your career would make them realize that you do have to work hard outside home as well.

Interact and Grow: Interacting with other similar professionals can help as well, you can create a social media group and be a social speaker and inspire each other.

Manage time and priorities: Remember, weekends should be for family only, try not bringing work home or taking home at work, balancing both worlds would not only make you more efficient, it might make you the wonder woman.

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