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How to Save Money by Making Wrapping Paper At Home

How to Save Money by Making Wrapping Paper At Home

Imagine opening a pile of gifts covered in a similar looking gift wrapping paper. It naturally kills the excitement of opening gifts all together. You will be dispassionately tearing the wrapping paper to see what is inside. What if you get a beautiful handcrafted gift wrapping paper? You will obviously check the tag to see the name of the person who has given you the gift.

The joy becomes double for the person receiving the gift packed in a reusable wrapping paper. If you are great at painting and crafts why not make a wrapping paper at home!

Here are some great ideas to inspire you to make your own wrapping paper at home:

1. Vegetable Printed Wrapping Paper : You must have learnt vegetable printing at school. Here is a chance to indulge in some nostalgia while you make pretty looking roses from celery or a summery citrus gift wrap from a half of an orange. Involve your kids in this fun craft session, they will thoroughly enjoy it.

2. Block Printed Wrapping Paper: Block prints in fabrics have an ethnic feel and is popular too. You can also replicate this design on handmade paper to create a unique gift wrapper. Multi-coloured block prints on newspaper makes a great gift wrap. Just think out-of-the-box.

3. Washi Tape Wrapping Paper: Set the party mood with washi tape gift wraps. You can create interesting patterns and designs using these vibrant washi tapes.

4. Map Wrapping Paper: Surprise your friend with an edgy map gift wrapping paper. You can purchase a readymade map from the stationery shop or if you can draw one yourself that will be best. For instance, if you are sending a gift to your American friend draw the map of America and mark the city where she stays. You can also draw a world map and write the characteristics of each country.

5. Paper Snowflakes Wrapping Paper: This Christmas craft can come handy when you are making wrapping paper. Make cutouts on monochromatic origami papers. Select fluorescent coloured paper to add a pop of colour.

6. Roller Printed Wrapping Paper: Did you know rollers can make interesting stamp pads? Etch a design on the Roller that you use for whitewashing and smear it with colour of your choice. Use this etched roller to stamp wrapping papers for your gifts.

7. Doodle Art Wrapping Paper: Doodle art reflect myriad thoughts and is quiet trendy. Scribble your doodle on a dark coloured paper with a white poster paint. This is sure to bring smiles.

8. Pom Pom Wrapping Paper: Multi-hued cotton balls or felt pom poms can make cute wrapping papers. Pom Poms are a symbol of celebration. The pom pom gift wrapping paper is ideal for Christmas decoration.

9. Origami Inspired Wrapping Paper: If you are great at handicrafts and origami, make some funny looking mouse wrapping papers at home. Your little one will enjoy getting a birthday gift wrapped in an origami mouse wrapper.

10. Furoshiki Gift Wrap: Use printed cloth or colourful tights to make this Japanese Gift Wrap. Tie it with a lace to give it a feminine touch. A rose or heart shaped printed cloth is apt for Valentine's Day. Digital prints on silk scarves look bold and modern; it can also be used for Furoshiki Gift Wrap.

11. Paper Flower Wrapping Paper: Make fake flowers from paper and stockings and stick it on plain paper to make your own wrapping paper. Select a white paper to make your design stand out. Add silver or gold balls for the pollen to add some bling. Make flowers of different sizes to create unique patterns.

12. Personalized Wrapping Paper: These wrapping papers are loaded with emotions and are always appreciated. Stick a picture of your friend or make a small collage to remind her of college or school days. Pictures that bring back sweet memories make interesting gift wrapping paper.

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