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3 Grave Career Mistakes You Should Not Be Making In Your 20s

3 Grave Career Mistakes You Should Not Be Making In Your 20s

The decisions you make when you are in your 20s can affect the rest of your life! This goes for your career as well. Here are 3 grave career mistakes you should not be making in your 20s.

Mistake 1 - Holding onto a job that isn't teaching you anything

Many of us tend to hold onto things that are familiar and comfortable because we are afraid of change. Sticking to a bad job is like clinging onto a toxic relationship. If you aren't being challenged in your job and aren't learning new things, then you are just becoming complacent. And your 20s, there is no room for complacency!

Mistake 2 - Focusing only filling your piggy bank, but not fulfilling your dreams

There are going to be a lot of things that are convenient for you when you are in your 20s. But just because it is easy, don't jump on the bandwagon. Instead of building someone else's dream, challenge yourself constantly to build your own. Truthfully, at the end of the day, everyone works with the aim of getting a paycheck, but that shouldn't be the only reason you are working. Your job should be imparting valuable insights on how you can fulfill your dreams in the long run, and not just give you an immediate payout.

Mistake 3 - Networking only within your company

Networking within your own company can help you open yourself up to new ideas, expand your horizon with different perspectives, and build relationships to make daily tasks less cumbersome. People in their 20s, often in their first or second jobs, tend to rely on networking only within their workplace. But there is tremendous value in looking outside the box to build professional and influential relationships with people from different walks of life.

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