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Life Hacks Our Favorite Cartoon Characters Taught Us

Life Hacks Our Favorite Cartoon Characters Taught Us

Cartoons are integral part of every child's life. We have all had our favorites as we were growing up. Even many adults would confess to still being addicted to the adventures and misadventures of our adorable animated pals. But joy and fun are not the only things they have to offer us. Many of them display unique qualities and traits that set them apart.

Here, we have listed out eight life hacks that can be learnt from some of the most loved cartoon characters of all times:

Donald Duck for positive outlook

A highly adored Disney character, Donald Duck is ever optimistic and full of hope. He is also an extremely tenacious creature. Even though he can at times be lazy, once he decides to set out to accomplish something, he doesn't leave any stone unturned. He puts in his 100% and at even resorts to extreme measures to meet his objective.

Like Donald Duck, we should all look at life with a sense of hope and optimism. Hope is what keeps us motivated to give our best to everything. Donald also teaches us the importance of setting goals and then going all out to achieve them.

Bugs bunny for a Fighting Spirit and avoiding conflict

Bugs Bunny is known for his unique trait of trying to avoid conflicts to the fullest, and yet displaying a fearsome fighting spirit when pushed to the corner. Bugs will usually first try to placate the antagonist and resolve the matter amicably, however, if the opponent insists on roughing him up, Bugs will invoke his catchphrase "Of course you realize this means war!" and get ready for a battle.

Just as our adorable Bugs, we need to realize that a fight should be the last option of resolving an issue. We should first try all cordial means to address the problem. However, we should not let this become a weakness and we should know how to strike back and put up a good fight, if needed.

Mickey Mouse for staying happy and carefree

Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most popular Walt Disney character. Mickey is carefree, happy-go-lucky and highly imaginative. His carelessness and enthusiasm sometimes land him up in tricky spots from which he extricates himself, mostly owing to his imagination and his desire to face all challenges head on.

Like Mickey, we need enjoy our life to the fullest. Being too strung up can only lead to a perpetual frown, losing out on all the fun that could have been ours. At the same time, when confronted with a serious challenge, we should also display courage and not shy away.

Tom & Jerry for coexistence despite differences

Tom and Jerry are incessantly trying to score one up on each other. Jerry, with his sharpness, usually outsmarts Tom, and Tom keeps looking out for ways to get to his food, the mischievous mouse. Despite the constant cat-and-mouse game, the two are inevitably connected, so much so that one would be considered incomplete without the other.

Tom and Jerry is a classic example of learning to accept that we are different and will always have differences, and yet also giving cognizance to the fact that co-existence is the only way to be.

Winnie The Pooh for kindness and a helping attitude

Winnie The Pooh is among the sweetest and kindest of all the cartoon characters. Winnie not only tries to be there for her friends, but is also sympathetic and compassionate towards everybody else.

Like Winnie the Pooh, we should also make an effort to be kind and gentle to other people. This will not only make others love us much more, but will also help us feel constantly happy and content like our favorite Pooh.

Doraemon for using his ingenuity to help friends

Doraemon is a gadget freak. He is a funny robot who has a gadget ready for any situation. Sometimes his out-of-the-box methods of solving problems lands him and his friends in trouble. However, Doraemon sticks with his friends and never leaves them behind. Most of his efforts are around using his intelligence and ingenuity to help out his friend Nobita and even her friends.

Doraemon teaches us to think innovatively. Through his actions, Doraemon also reiterates his commitment towards his friends and standing by them in their hour of need.

Tintin for using his quick-thinking and cerebral gifts for honest causes

Tintin is a fictional character in The Adventures of Tintin, a popular comics series. He is a boy reporter and an adventurer who travels around the world with his dog Snowy. Tintin is gifted with a sharp intellect, a strong command over any type of vehicle, is great with all forms of defense arts, and is also an honest, decent, compassionate and kind person. Through his investigative reporting, quick wits and a compelling desire to benefit mankind, Tintin is always able to solve problems and help out honest people.

Just like Tintin, we need to hone our natural gifts and use them wisely for good causes and honest people. Tintin also inspires us with his loyalty for friends and going all out to help them out. At the same time, he watches out for himself too, and is not easily trapped or biased.

Goofy for an indefatigable spirit to be himself

Goofy is clumsy, childish and not bright. He is often considered an annoyance by others and is sometimes derided for his 'goofiness'. And yet, Goofy never lets himself get flattened or downcast by other's opinion and never shies away from trying out new things. He is also loved by all for his caring and sympathetic nature.

Like Goofy, we need to make the best of what the nature has bestowed upon us and never allow ourselves to feel inferior by comparing ourselves to others - who may be brighter.

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