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Missing A Bow Over Your Gift? Make It
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Missing A Bow Over Your Gift? Make It

Festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, and what not? Presents are something we are always giving and receiving. So much so that sometimes, we have to get something from our home, pack it nicely at home, and give it to someone. This is also the case when you take an effort to make something yourself and then have to pack it.

We all have packing papers at home, but the real trouble comes in finding a nice bow for the presents. While some of us are patient enough to not tear bows while opening them so they can be reused, many of us don't have bows kept for gift wrapping emergencies.

If you ever encounter a situation like this, we say that you make a bow instead of gifting the box as it is.

All you would need is a marker, and some art skills. Take the box in your hands and draw a bow using the marker. Fill in the bow with the marker and then draw four bold intersecting lines on it. The lines should intersect right where the bow is.

Basic, but cool stuff!

Picture by DreamGreenDiy

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