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Turn Those Bottle Caps Into Something Useful
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Turn Those Bottle Caps Into Something Useful

They are everywhere, from soda bottle to beer bottles, from juices to sauces. With an abundance of bottle caps in your life, don't you think that something creative and productive should be done?

Let's make a coaster out of these bottle caps.

You would need 9 caps for each coaster. Take a cork coaster if you have, or cut a small square from a large corkboard. To apply glue over the corkboard, take an equal size of brown paper or some other packing paper. Apply a generous amount of glue over the paper and paste it over the corkboard.

Let it dry for an hour before you take the caps and apply glue on the insides. Paste the caps on the coaster and you would be amazed at how easily the coaster comes in its glory.

To make sure that the coaster doesn't scratch your or someone else's skin, you would have to check the caps for any extruding corners. If that happens, you are likely to hurt yourself.

To make a set of 6 coasters, you would need patience and time, but the end product would look good and would be of good use to you. For colorful coasters, make sure that you have a lot of different-colored bottle caps.

Picture by ErraticProjectJunkie

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