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Valentine’s Day Special: 8 foods that induces love

Valentine’s Day Special: 8 foods that induces love

It started with Adam and Eve biting into an apple. The fruit was blamed for what happened next and labelled forbidden as a warning. But the desire for the "sweet sin" was so intense that mankind chose to dig deeper.

The warning was obviously ignored and thus began the search for fuel to keep the fire alive. Food that induced desire was labelled after the Greek goddess of love- Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs have definitely aroused curiosity, if not the buried desire, in everybody. How about setting up a lovely candlelight dinner this Valentine's, complete with aphrodisiac food on the menu? Here's some help with essential ingredients.


While the right food does get you in the mood, do not ignore the importance of the right ambience. Make sure your dinner table looks pretty, complete with flowers and candles. Leave the dishes on the table for a while and enjoy the aroma while arousing the desire to eat. Food and sex must offer a sensual massage before satisfying the craving. Hope this food for mood sets the right tone for a great evening on Valentine's Day. Have a lovely one!

This article has been written by Pallavi Dharkar

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