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Answer Interview Questions with the "Present-Past-Future" FormulaJobs

Answer Interview Questions with the "Present-Past-Future" Formula

Dave Greenbaum , Gawker Media

Answer Interview Questions with the

Simple interview questions like "Tell me about yourself" aren't always easy to answer. Telling a story that mentions the present, past, and future gives hiring managers the information they need to evaluate you.

Your first instinct would be to talk about the past first then the present. The Muse suggests mixing it up:

So, first you start with the present-where you are right now. Then, segue into the past-a little bit about the experiences you've had and the skills you gained at the previous position. Finally, finish with the future-why you are really excited for this particular opportunity.

Explaining your present skills first gives the interviewer a context to understand the past. Ending your interview with the future gives you a strong finish. While The Muse focuses on one question, this formula also works with other questions, too.

A Simple Formula for Answering "Tell Me About Yourself" | The Muse

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