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A Genius Hack to Boost Productivity at Work
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A Genius Hack to Boost Productivity at Work

Today, most of you have corporate jobs, wherein you follow a fixed routine. You wake up almost at the same time every day, follow your morning routine, go to work, wrap up meetings, complete almost same tasks, come back, run errands and hit the bed, the same time. You follow a pattern even when it comes to going on a vacation, say one foreign location and one road trip a year. And, this is the reason, your productivity often goes down.

When you have a regular monotonous job, it is important to break the rhythm wherever you can. One of the easiest and best hack would be to change your work station every now and then. It is important to break the routine sometimes and the easiest way to do that is choose another place to work. You can take a different desk, or sit on the lounge sofa or take a break and work out of a cafeteria. Times have changed and people look at the results at the end of the day and not the means. The place you choose to work out of doesn't matter anymore, a simple argument would be so many youngsters working out of home. y can trigger different emotional responses based on air quality, lighting, temperature and many others. So, a change of place can trigger happiness, thereby making you more productive.

Almost 40 per cent of employees world over end a day at work in a hurry and start the next day at a lazy pace, thereby making every day less productive. The best way to ensure uber productivity is to bring in some changes. Changing your place of work adds little spice to your everyday routine work. You don't to be out of your cubicle for the entire day. Even an hour of choosing another desk can have a positive impact on you.

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