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6 Steps to Get Out of A Rut and Feel Better

6 Steps to Get Out of A Rut and Feel Better

There are times when you feel like you are stuck in a rut. You do not enjoy the phase of life you are in, still you are in it. It could be your job or your relationship, but you see no way out. This is when you should master the art of moving on. Here are six things you should do to get out of a rut and start it afresh.

Keep insecurities away
Insecurities are of varied nature, the ones that come at work, at relationships, looks and many others. When people criticize you over the years, you start to criticize yourself. For some, it begins at a very younger age. Comparisons of yourself to others by your parents or teachers or neighbours, results in a self-image that isn't so great. It may not be true. May be we are competent, smart and beautiful, but if we have an image of ourselves that is ugly, inefficient and a failure, we will act according to that image. First, get out of the insecurity zone.

Stop focusing on negative things
If you are a negative person, you forget to show gratitude towards your friends or family members, and take your blessings for granted. It is important to count your blessings to decide what you really want. You may have the best of job profile or may be the best looking people, but negative thinking will stop you from being happy and peaceful.

Change the way you look at change
Change is something most of you fear. Is known devil better than unknown angel is one question that you always ask . It is important to explore options than to be stuck. Change can be difficult initially, but eventually you will be in a better position. Accept it and go for it positively. The best part about change is it also becomes a habit soon. The more changes you let into your life, the stronger you become.

Generate alternate solution and embrace it
Always have an alternate solution. You may be earning a lot here or working with the most well-known brand. Your partner may be the most popular person. However, if you are not happy, there is no point staying. Look for a a simple alternate solution and don't analyse too much about what went wrong. You immediately look at what can be done.

Fake a smile
Called the positive feedback loop of smiling, a simple smile can alter your brain's emotional processing pathway to feel happier. You smile when your brain feels happy. It tells your facial muscle to contract and triggers a smile. Just like that, when you fake a smile, the smiling muscle contracts sending a signal to the brain, which will increase the level of happy hormones.

Read about people who have failed and achieved later
You are not the only person on the earth who is facing a problem. Read biographies and speeches of successful people. They have been in helpless situations as well. Reading about them will help you understand that your life is only going to change for the better.

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