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A Hack That Will Make You Join a Gym and Stay Committed to It

A Hack That Will Make You Join a Gym and Stay Committed to It

What are your reasons for not joining a gym? Is it the traffic, the weather or not getting personal attention from trainers or is your gym too crowded? The best way to overcome these problems, well, is not to solve them, but to deal with them by joining the gym at off-peak times, say during festive season or summer vacations at school, when most people are travelling and roads are considerably empty.

So, the best hack to get into the fitness groove is to join a gym when you cannot blame traffic or weather for not working out. You can also join when temperatures are too high and only fewer people hit the gym. However, do ensure you are hydrated enough.

This way you will get more attention from the gym trainers as well. And, in 21 days, you would have got into the habit of working out. It is said that all you need to form a habit is 21 days. This popular number stemmed from a book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon who noticed his patients seemed to take about 21 days to get used to their new faces.

Also, this way you can overcome the fear of getting in there and not knowing how to use any of the equipment. Another fear you can have is what if somebody in super shape mocks you. With this trick, you can get over the fear of what lies inside the four walls of a fitness centre as there will be lesser people around.

As per recent statistics, 1 in every 5 persons in India is said to be suffering from some form of mental stress. Approximately 50 million people suffer from Type-2 diabetes. One person dies of heart attack every 33 seconds. 5 per cent of the country's population suffers from morbid obesity. And, 50 per cent of corporate India is under chronic stress. This is the gloomy state of health in India.

Do you know 80 per cent of people who join gym quit within five months? Apparently, only 20 per cent of people who buy memberships use them consistently. So, the key is find a hack that makes working out a lifestyle and a lifelong journey. And, this is the season you can make a great start.

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