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Trick Your Brain to Feel Confident Anywhere by Speaking Loudly

Trick Your Brain to Feel Confident Anywhere by Speaking Loudly

Do you hate people who speak loudly at a party? Well, maybe it is the hack they use to feel confident and you should try it too.

How does it work?

This works just like faking a smile. When you fake a smile , your brain believes you are happy and releases happy hormones. Similarly, whenever you are in a new place, a party or a get together, make an effort to speak loudly at the beginning. This way you are tricking your brain to feel at home, comfortable and confident.

The idea of speaking loudly can be quite annoying. You don't want to come across as someone too plastic or dominating. Well, you just have to speak loudly and not shout.

Why you don't speak loudly when you are at a new place

  • Because you fear that people may think you are rude.
  • Because you fear that it will bring all attention to you.
  • Because you don't feel confident enough.

Basically you are worried about being yourself. It's not about making people hear you, it's about telling yourself that it is okay to be heard and what you speak is making sense. When you speak loudly, you are telling your brain that you are in your comfort zone. It lets your brain know that you are safe to be yourself in your new place.

Called the positive feedback loop, a simple act of speaking loudly can alter your brain's emotional processing pathway to feel confident. This is because you tend to speak loud only when you are at home or in any comfort zone. So, it tricks your brain to think that you are actually very comfortable, thereby making you feel comfortable and confident.

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