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How a Cup of Coffee Can Trigger Mindfulness for Good

How a Cup of Coffee Can Trigger Mindfulness for Good

Buddhist monks follow a form of meditation by having a tea ceremony every now and then. Through this ceremony the monks practice absolute focus, or meditation, by concentrating on every aspect of the tea. This trick can actually work for you as well. You can develop mindfulness by practicing coffee concentration every morning. This is the reason many famous personalities including Sachin Tendulkar and Elon Musk make coffee on their own every morning.

  • Wake up before everyone in the family does
  • Let the phone be on silent mode
  • Switch on your coffee maker and listen to the sound of brewing coffee
  • Smell the aroma
  • Customize it the way you want it
  • Pour it in your favourite mug
  • Go to the corner of the house that you cherish the most, a quiet corner
  • Take every sip slowly with absolute focus and joy
  • First coffee of the day always tastes great, so relish it

I can smell coffee while writing this. Time to practice some mindfulness and focus on writing!

Well, this mindfulness technique works just like cooking and washing vessels, where you focus on what is in front of you. Making activities like this a part of lifestyle helps also improve your health and well-being by giving you time to relax and destress.

While multitasking has always been something people admire, if you observe really productive people, you will understand that they don't multitask. They consider multi-tasking a real killer. Ultra productive people know their Most Important Task and work on it with total focus.

Making your own coffee and enjoying the process is also something that will get you going and set a positive tone for the day. Most successful people say that it makes them more disciplined. This simple activity helps you focus on the task at hand. Your attention span reduces with age. And the worst is, it evades you when you need it the most. So, you can try to work on focus with such simple tasks. Letting your mind wander between multiple things can reduce productivity. Concentration improves when the mind is able to focus all its energy on one target and keep it there. And, studies on happiness also suggest that simple tasks make you happier and making coffee is one of them.

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