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I Chose ‘Difficult but Rewarding’ Over ‘Easy but Boring’, and That’s my Lifehack to Success: Kiran Bedi

I Chose ‘Difficult but Rewarding’ Over ‘Easy but Boring’, and That’s my Lifehack to Success: Kiran Bedi

A time when glass ceilings were the order of the day globally, Kiran Bedi dared to break them all and make a mark for herself. She became the first woman to join Indian Police Service in 1972 and from there went on to don many more hats. Today she is a social activist, a mother, Magsaysay awardee, former UN Police advisor, author and presently the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry.

In an exclusive interview with Lifehacker, she looks back at her 45-year-long professional journey and shares some remarkable insights into decisions and lifehacks that led her to success.

Your life journey is an inspiration to many women. When you look back, what according to you was that one idea or lifehack that showed the way to success?

Choosing challenges and staying in challenges. When you choose a challenge, it demands energy of very high order without any distraction. Living a routine life is easy but boring. Whereas taking up challenges is difficult, but fruitful. For that your past and present preparedness helps.

After you chose to take up those challenges, what helped you overcome them and finally win?

My support systems, family and friends are the best. Ensure you have them to smoothen the challenges that you take up. But remember you can never win without earning it. There is definitely no shortcut to success.

You broke many barriers. Tell us about it.

There is no holiday in positive thinking and building energy. When you remember that, you will be ready to face challenges and break any barriers. Be it a man or a woman, there are going to be some barriers and it is only your positive thinking that can help you break them. Everything else comes next.

Being a working mother, how did you juggle between your personal and professional life? Please share a few tips for our female readers.

Life, career, family and success are choices we exercise, either by attitude or by compelling circumstances. So, you should try to work your way through it. I managed because of my support systems, my family, friends and the paid staff. While family is always there, others are value additions. They may be unskilled, but when you care for them, they become trustworthy. Every working mother needs a support system that truly cares.

What according to you is a quality that everyone should possess to live his or her dreams?

Courage, which gives you self-confidence and self-esteem. And women in particular should train themselves in self-defence, both physical and mental. You should undergo light-footed training and habits. Make yourself so courageous that when you grow old and look back, you have nothing to regret. Courage will stop you from compromising.

Most youngsters today would agree with you on how routine is boring. But not everyone comes through life's exams with flying colours. Why?

You should start today to be successful tomorrow. You are today what you prepared yourself for yesterday. Therefore it's a daily home work and a lifelong journey. If you don't win one challenge, don't give up. Rather look for the next challenge to prove yourself. Even if life doesn't come up with challenges, take up things that are challenging and compete with yourself. Become a better person and a better professional every single day.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Each day comes with a renewed purpose and energy. Be grateful to God for giving you this life and live it to the fullest. You are there for a reason. So, use it to generate more. Have goals at every point of life. Success at one particular spell shouldn't stop you from aspiring for more. There is no retirement when it comes to achieving. You should not only win but stay victorious.

What is your advice to every person out there wanting to become an achiever like you.

Life is what you look at it as, the thorns or the roses and what you make out of it.

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(Image Credit: Kiran Bedi's Facebook page)

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