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​ 5 Qualities Most Interesting People in the World Have in Common

​ 5 Qualities Most Interesting People in the World Have in Common

S. Shanthi
President Barack Obama once again lifted the world with an emotional farewell speech. His address to America and the world for the final time as President made many of his celebrity admirers take to Twitter and mourn the end of an eight year era. Obama always possessed all the personality traits that a person needs in order to motivate others and bring change. (Also read: How to Have a Commanding Presence Around People)

Well, what are these qualities that he and many other extra ordinary and interesting people in the world have in common?

They enjoy exploring risky territories
No one remembers the person who always takes the safe, easy route. History is full of examples of failure of those who play it too safe. And these aren’t the people that you usually hear about. The ones you normally hear about are the ones that did or said something no one else did or accomplished something despite all the odds. Doing interesting things is always risky. And extraordinary people dare to take risks.

They possess a great sense of humour
If you consider any celebrity, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajini Kant or any great political leader , their public meetings are always spiced with humour and embellished with anecdotes from various funny events. Having a great sense of humour is very beneficial because it helps you to look at the reality of life in an optimistic way. And we can influence other people in a good way if we have this quality.

Their presence and absence is always felt
You know when they are away. You know it when they are quiet. These are the kind of people who have something equivalent to stage presence possessed by famous actors. You know it when you see it. Basically, it is the mesh of confidence, self-belief, strong body language and how well one socially interacts. These are the people who do the most boring everyday things also with a style. People love to have them around. They are the people you can miss in a party or get together.

They have the perseverance to bring change
Perseverance is about staying focused and not loosing site of a given end goal, it’s also about repeating behaviour. It can be equated to being stubborn, but after being analytical and logical. For instance, you have a great project idea in a mind, but it is rejected by many. If you are born to be an extra ordinary person, you will be at it. You will not rejection easily. You will ensure that people like your project and understand where you are coming from.

They know when to let go of the past
Holding onto to the past or your latest mistake will only serve to slow people down. Successful people are not anchored by the past. They learn from it fast and move on to a bigger challenge. They don’t dwell on hurtful events or situations, which can lead to grudges filled with resentment and vengeance. That is the reason they don’t end up being swallowed up by their own bitterness.

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