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10 Things That Should Always Be In Your Handbag
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10 Things That Should Always Be In Your Handbag

If you are the kind of person who always likes to be prepared, your handbag is the first place to start. Your handbag is more than just the place that you carry around your wallet and keys in. It is a vehicle that allows you to carry around even your kitchen sink if you must. But apart from that kitchen sink, there are ten important items that should always be in your handbag in case of an emergency, so that you will be ready for just about anything!

1. Lipstick
So there might not an absolute lipstick emergency ever, but in the event that you need to head out from your office directly for a night out without being able to going home to change, all you need is a dash of your favorite lipstick shade and you are all set to paint the town just about any shade of crimson.

2. Mad money
Before you ask, 'mad money' has nothing to do with the show 'Mad Men'. Mad money actually refers to the money that mothers used to give their daughters in the 1920s in case she has a row with her date and wished to go home alone. In today's day and age, essentially this means a stash of money that is used when you seem to be in an emergency and have run out of any other means to acquire it at the moment. Stash away at least Rs 500 in a secret spot in your handbag and use it only in the case of an emergency.

3. Sewing kit or safety pins
There are particularly mortifying times when you are on your way to work or a social event and you suddenly find that your outfit has a giant tear in it or a button has fallen out. You are too far away from home and you can't quite land up to your destination looking the way you do. That is when the sewing kit and the safety pins in your handbag will come to your rescue.

4. Baby wipes
Baby wipes aren't just for tiny tots, but they can come in handy in a variety of situations. You may not be able to pre-empt when you might need a baby wipe, until the time you actually need one.

5. Crocin or any other Paracetamol tablets
Is that splitting headache bothering you and there is no chemist in sight? Instead of roughing it out, you will be thankful for that Crocin or paracetamol tablet that you stashed away in your handbag. Be sure to check with your doctor first whether it is ok for you to be taking such medication.

6. A pen
This might seem like the most obvious item to be in a handbag, but a pen is a very important tool to have. There are times when you might need to fill up a form or sign a cheque and you need to dig into the depths of your bag to try and find a pen. Keep a couple in one designated spot in your handbag.

7. Emergency contact info
In case of an emergency, you should always have the contact of the person to get in touch with. This will help if you are ever in an accident or need assistance.

8. Peppery spray or mace
The world has become an unsafe place for a woman and you need to do everything in your capacity to be able to protect yourself. In your handbag, you must carry some form of protection, like pepper spray or mace. 'Weapons' such as these are non-lethal and are very effective in curbing bad guys from taking advantage of you.

9. Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is necessary to be able to hygienize your hands when you come in contact with pollutants. You might have shaken someone's hand who has a bad cold, picked up a shopping cart that hasn't been wiped down, patted a stray dog on its head; all of these are contaminants if they come in contact with your system. Hand sanitizer can protect you from germs spreading.

10. Matches or lighter
You should carry a lighter or a matchbox even if you aren't a smoker. You might need one, say to light birthday candles, to see where you are going in the dark, to burn off stray threads on clothes and for many more things. If you are ever stranded in the middle of nowhere and need to light a fire, guess what will save the day for you?

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Always be prepared with these essential handy items in your handbag and you will be ready for just about any emergency that life throws at you.

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