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10 Skills Every 20 Something Should Master
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10 Skills Every 20 Something Should Master

S. Shanthi
Early 20s can be a confusing time. While you have just entered the legal age of driving, own a diploma, may be a job and also the ability to finally say ‘no’ to people, it is yet a phase where you have lots to learn before you can call yourself an adult. There are still lots of things that need to be worked out.

When you are in your 20s, it is common to feel lost or discouraged often. It’s a time of great opportunity, but it’s also a time of great uncertainty. You might not know exactly what your career path will be like, or whether you can find the perfect guy.

When you are a 20 something, you know you need to be mature because you have grown up. Just because you are out of school and you’ve got a shiny new Bachelor degree hanging on your wall doesn’t mean that you’ve got everything figured out. There’s still much to learn. Here are 10 life skills every 20-something should master.

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