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5 Signs That Your Job Owns You

5 Signs That Your Job Owns You

This is a reality check for all the professionals. Do you have a social life? Or do you often go out on family outings? If your answer is no that means you spend more than 8-9 hours in office and your job has consumed you completely.

Being passionate for your work is a good thing but allowing it to turn you into a corporate slave is not good. If you stretch yourself beyond limits, it will have adverse effects on your health and personal life. People who do not know when to draw a line suffer at the end.

Your job owns you if you can relate yourself to any of the following signs. It's high time for you to strike a balance between your personal and professional life.

1. You stay at office for long hours: It is good that you want to prove yourself to be a notch above others and you need to work hard for that. But your dedication and efficiency is something that cannot be judged on the basis of number of hours you spend at your desk. Instead of increasing the work hours, improve the quality of your work.

2. You are solely dependent on your job for family income: Apart from your current job, there is no other source of income for you and your family. Such a condition, forces you to do whatever your job demands from you. You cannot take a day off even when you are unwell. On the other hand, if you have alternative sources of income, then you can take it light and prevent yourself from getting honey trapped by your job.

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3. You discuss work in social gatherings: When on an outing, you are just out from the office but the office is not out of you yet. It might be unintentional, but your topic for discussion always takes a turn towards your official matters. When you can talk nothing but work, it is a sign that your job owns you.

4. Your hobbies have become a thing of past: It is an age old ritual to judge a person from the kind of work he does. But it should not be your only defining factor. Apart from your work, you should indulge in other activities. Take out time for yourself.

5. You do not have free time: You can hear the warning bell when you start ignoring people on the grounds of having no or little time. Your job has trapped you to such extent that all you can think and imagine about is only work. Do you even have a distant memory of the last movie you watched or the last time you spend some quality time with your beloved? Beware! You have crossed the line and have stretched your limits too much.

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