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5 Simple Tips To Add More Volume To Your Thinning Hair
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5 Simple Tips To Add More Volume To Your Thinning Hair

Let's admit, every woman dreads the thought of going bald one fine day. This fear looms on our heads because we face hair loss of thinning hair as we get older. Blame it either on the poor dietary habits or lack of sleep, excessive use of chemicals or higher stress levels—constant thinning of hair has become a common problem for all. But, now help is at hand. We bring top 5 ways that can help banish hair thinning and give more volume to your luscious locks.

1. Adopt home remedies to your rescue. Sans any sort of side effects, here are a few home remedies you could practically count upon:
Create an amla powder and lime juice mixture. Massage it on your scalp and keep it on for 35-40 minutes. Clean your hair with a mild shampoo, when done.
Another great home remedy would be heat coconut oil with six to eight pieces of crushed garlic in it. Let the oil cool down and apply it on your scalp. Wash it off after 30-40 minutes.
Even the juice of onion when applied directly over your scalp can keep thinning at bay.
You could also make a mixture of egg white and olive oil. Blend it into a paste form and apply it on your hair for a good 15 minutes or so. Wash it rigorously with cold water to seal the deal.

2. Blow up your strands. A tip that is recommended by all hair experts and can literally give extra layers of bounce and volume to your hair is blow drying your hair to perfection. For this, make sure you are flipping your head and blasting the hot air right from the nape of your neck and then working your way in a backward to upward direction. Complete the process by lathering on a simple thickening hairspray and voila- your voluminous hair are ready to brave the day.

3. Try your hands on voluminising styling products. They make a real difference for people who have really thin hair. Opt for a voluminising shampoo, and right before your hair dries up apply a spoonful amount of voluminising mousse. Comb your hair with mousse from root to tips. You could also use a sea salt spray and a texturising lotion.

4. Go for a stylish hair cut. Yes, giving volume to your hair can at time be this simple. Cutting your hair in the right manner would actually not directly help you save from hair thinning, but it would surely help you save from hair fall - one of the major reasons why your luscious locks might be becoming thin.

5. Experiment with extensions and wigs. They might come across as a little too high maintenance, but if you are someone who is desperately looking for a drastic change from your hair thinning woes, then this option might be tailor made for you. After all, it is all about personal preferences.
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