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5 Strategies to Boost Your Facebook Ads For Better Conversion

5 Strategies to Boost Your Facebook Ads For Better Conversion

Are you getting frustrated with your existing Facebook Ad campaign results?

Are you looking for a better return from Facebook Ads?

Do you wish to get most out of your CPCs (cost per click) bid?

You are on the right page.

Before understanding how to build FB ads for maximum conversions, you might be thinking:

As an ad publisher, why should I take advantage of this platform?

Here's why:

With more than 1.4 billion users, Facebook experiences 900 million visits every day.

More than 2 million business owners use Facebook for publishing their advertisement.

5 Strategies for making more money through FB ads:

Keep a Check on Your Target Audience

Through Facebook ads, target people based on their

Demographics: It includes age, gender, country, education level, operating system, marital status, and income level.

Behavior: It covers Facebook activities which give information about people's device usage, destination preferences, and purchase behaviors.

Interests: It includes your audience's likes, interactions, groups they have joined, shares, and pages they have liked.

Connections: It helps in targeting your ad to those people who already have a connection with you on Facebook.

Are you publishing your ads during peak conversion periods?

If not, you are losing a major chunk of your target demographic.

Always remember:

One timing doesn't fit every type of audience.

If you're not sure about your target audience and their timing slots, run an A/B test by creating replicas of the same ad. With every test, you increase chances of your conversion rate.

Target Your Website Visitors

'Custom Audience for Your Website' feature allows you to target your website visitors via Facebook ads.

The visitors include:

Your potential buyers who land on your offer page, but don't make an instant decision.

Your potential subscribers who view your e-book offer, but don't click the subscribe button.

Your potential buyers who scan your service page, but don't contact you for your assistance.

Using Facebook pixel, JavaScript code placed on your site, you have a golden chance of converting these prospects into customers.

How can advertisers use this feature to convert more with less cost?

Create ads based on the activity of people visiting your website.

Re-frame your existing ads by excluding audiences who have converted into leads.

Form lookalike audience based on your website visitors. At the time of writing, publishers can create a maximum of 10000 Custom audience from their website in a single account.

Utilize the Power of Facebook Power Editor

If you create lots of ads, Facebook's Power Editor allows publishers to reach their target audience in a quick and effective manner.

Strategies for optimizing ads, campaigns, and page posts in bulk:

If you are testing your same ad for a slightly different demographic group, use 'split audience' tool. It helps you in taking a decision whether to focus on a particular group or not for maximum conversions.

Control the placement of your ads. You can also limit your ads to Android, iOS devices or any other feature phones individually.

By knowing the digital footfall of your target audience, set your desired time to improve the click-through-rate (CTR) of advertisement.

Unpublished posts help in a split test your ads without posting too much promotional content on your page. On top of that, it also comes with a call-to-action button to attract the attention of your target audience.

Uplift Your Ad Image

How to grab your audience's attention when their news feed is cluttered with their friend's updates?

Create an image which makes people stop and read your ad.

Your Ad image becomes a crucial element in your conversion rate.

As Facebook doesn't allow publishers to include more than 20% text on your ad image, use this tool from Facebook to confirm whether you ad is a good fit or not.

You have several options for uplifting your ad image:

Choose a photo from stock photo sites, like Shutterstock and Pixabay , with royalty free images.

Hire a designer from sites like Fiverr .

Upload your image or your product screenshots.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your target audience clicks on your ad.

Great feeling, isn't?

Now, frame this next picture in your mind:

If your visitors leave your website instantly after visiting your landing page, all your efforts go in vain.

High bounce rate results in low conversion rate.

Most of the marketers direct all energies in attracting people towards their site.

Your work, as an ad publisher, doesn't stop here.

What is your ultimate aim?

Convert your visitors into subscribers or buyers.

Here are two tips for optimizing your landing pages from Jitendra Vaswani and Neil Patel (Pro Bloggers):

Single objective: Never confuse your readers with multiple purposes. If primary motive is to drive more sales to your site, set up a landing page with the same intention.

Convey your message in a simple tone: As facebook audience get your attention while scrolling their news feed, you don't have enough time to engage them. Make it easy for your site visitors to grab the main motto behind your landing page offer.

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( About the author: This article has been contributed by Shaswat Shah )

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