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5 Things You Should Know About LinkedIn
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5 Things You Should Know About LinkedIn

You might be a pro when it comes to personal networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but any mistake on LinkedIn can do exactly opposite of what you desire and turn your job hunt into a nightmare. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has evolved as an eminent social network to help people increase their visibility on the professional front. It has provided its users with an opportunity to brand their strengths among a pool of employers to ease their otherwise tiring job search. Initially, the social networking site was introduced only as a platform for online resumes but today you can find a series of options such as career pages, recruitment advertisements, company search filters and job analytics available on it.

How well do you know about the networking service of your LinkedIn profile? There are a few little-known facts about LinkedIn which need to be unwrapped.

1. Your profile can be deactivated for sending too many invitations

You might be hunting for a job for quite some time now but don't get over ambitious. Do not send repeated requests to people even after their denial. This might make your potential connections think of you as a stalker. If too many people indicate that they don't know you or flag you as a spam, your LinkedIn profile may get deactivated or restricted. Instead, either send request to people whom you have met before or attach a personalized message explaining how you know them.

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2. You can turn off your activity updates

What happens when your mailbox is flooded with notifications about your connection's profile update? You might get annoyed and frustrated with them. Similarly, others may also feel the same when you make changes to your profile. So, the next time you wish to update your profile, make sure that you turn off the activity broadcasts by going to the option 'who can see your activity feed' and change it to 'only you.'

3. Attach your work samples

Upgrade your LinkedIn profile and attach work samples to land into your dream job. You can add various media files such as videos, images, presentations, documents and links in the Experience, Education and Summary section to attract potential employers' attention towards your skills.

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4. Employers flock to updated profiles

You cannot afford to leave your LinkedIn profile as it was when you first created it. Instead of stuffing it up with unnecessary list of accomplishments, update it with information about your current projects. LinkedIn search interface promotes those profiles which are updated every now and then.

5. Profile picture does matter

Most of the people avoid putting up a display picture for their LinkedIn profiles. This happens because of the professional status of the website. But according to a research, recruiters do stare at a person's profile picture before scanning other available details. A photo does make a difference. So, add a professional photo to make your profile look more personalized. Avoid putting up selfies, group photos or filtered images as your display picture.

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