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5 Amazing Reasons Why You Must Have A BFFPsychology

5 Amazing Reasons Why You Must Have A BFF

S. Shanthi
No matter how strong we seem to be, we sure have our own weak points. We humans tend to be strong on the exteriors but weak inside. That is the reason we often get hurt and are taken aback by many depressing situations. And, that’s when we need a Best Friend Forever the most because unlike others, this person will not only be available but will never judge you. (Also read: Avoid A Guilt Trip By Resisting Energy Vampires)

Friendship goes beyond age, gender, religion and other boundries. When author Mark Twain met his BFF Hellen Keller, she was just 14, the same age as Twain’s youngest daughter. But despite their age difference they both went on to become the best friends history has ever seen. They exchanged many letters and always spoke highly of each other. In 1903, Twain sent Keller a letter, praising her autobiography The Story of My Life, and signing off with “Every lovingly your friend, Mark.”

In fact, according to a 2010 review of research, the effect of social ties on life span is twice as strong as that of exercising, and equivalent to that of quitting smoking. Here are five more reasons why you must have a BFF according to Dr. Sanjay Chugh, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist.

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