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5 Apps that Drain Android Battery

5 Apps that Drain Android Battery

For all those who are forever engrossed in their Android smartphones , be it for social networking , for playing games or for watching videos, battery life issues are a forever concern. And if you snoop through their phone, it is quite likely that you will find the best of all apps installed on their little devices.

People who are obsessed by smartphones need to learn that some of these apps are huge battery drainers. Their constant need of staying online acts as the main culprit of hogging battery by syncing and pushing alerts.

The battery of your phone does not have that much power to support all apps. To sustain its battery, you need to manage it intelligently. Probably, a frequent check on the apps that hogs battery may help in increasing its life. (Also read: This Is How You Can Quickly Grow Traffic On Pinterest)

So, if you plan to save battery and prevent yourself from the shackles of a cord when your power is running low, you should plan on deleting some of the following apps. We understand that it would be difficult to delete them since they are a necessity, but they are also a serious threat for the life span of your handset.

1. Pokemon Go: Augmented reality game, Pokemon Go chews through the battery of your phone as it constantly tracks your location through GPS, uses your mobile data, your camera and also your screen. According to reports, playing it for 30 minutes consumes almost 15% of the battery which is higher in comparison to other apps such as Facebook and Gmail. To make your gaming experience undeterred by battery issues, lower the brightness of the screen, close the background apps and turn on Pokemon Go's power saving option. If you are out, disable both, WiFi and Bluetooth.

2. Netflix: This video streaming app is a major defaulter when it comes to optimum utilization of the battery. While you stream videos on Netflix, make sure you lower the display brightness so as to prevent drainage of the battery at a faster rate. (Also read: ​ How To Fix Your Look During A Video Call)

3. BBC News: Your brain might get charged with all the latest updates from the BBC News app, but it discharges your phone's battery in no time. To prevent it from being a battery guzzler, switch to the BBC website and to make it easy for yourself, bookmark its website on your phone.

4. Snapchat: If you are an active Snapchat user, it is more likely that you will have to plug in the charger of your phone twice or thrice a day. Not only this, but it also consumes a lot of space on your device's internal storage. It might be fun to send selfies to your friends, but it saps battery even in the background. To alleviate the problem, tap on the settings option of Snapchat and go to Manage option under Additional Services. Here, switch on the Travel Mode.

5. Facebook: Facebook stands as the worst culprit of battery drainage as it drains battery even when not in use. Deleting it can boost up the power of your Android phone by 20 per cent. To conserve battery, you can uninstall the app and still scroll down your news feed on your phone's web browser.

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