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5 Secrets of Mixing Music From a Pro DJ Duo

5 Secrets of Mixing Music From a Pro DJ Duo

As any masterchef would tell you, a great food is something that is cooked with the accurate amount of ingredients. Similarly, just knowing the DJ equipment well or learning to beatmatch will not help if you don't get the mixes right. Here are few interesting hacks by DJ Su Real and DJ Nanok, who recently mesmerized a large audience at Bira 91 Live Ft in Summer House Cafe, Mumbai, on how to get your music mix right and make the audience go wild.

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Judge the energy of the crowd
Every crowd is different. You have to get the right mix for different occasions. A dinner party mix would be different from a night club one. Also, sometimes it may vary from the time. So, you cannot always plan sets before gigs. You should instantly change your sets according to what the crowd wants.

Keep it simple, don't overdo it
It is important to keep the mix simple. If you have 10 terabytes of music with you, you may not be able to play them all. So, the lesser the better. Also, trying hard to stand out or doing something out of the box may not necessarily work. You should keep the mix really simple.

Ensure your track selection is perfect and songs are in key
You don't have to always choose tracks that are popular. Go for what you love and it will click well. You can mix and match old and new tracks as well. Ensure the dots are connected. After selecting the tracks, order it according to the energy levels around.

Keep a smile on your face
The most popular national and international DJs are the ones who wear a smile for every gig. A DJ is someone who creates a mood. So, only when you smile and enjoy, the energy will be passed on. Most resident DJ's have to keep long hours and generally have to play what the management or their bosses want them to. But, whatever the situation may be, you have to come across as someone enjoying the night.

Practice your sets every day
While it is important to be spontaneous and flexible, there is no shortcut to regular and serious practicing. Practice your sets every day. Record them, listen again and identify your mistakes and weak spots . And then practice again to eradicate them and make your mixes flawless.

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