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5 Things To Expect From Union Budget 2017-18Money

5 Things To Expect From Union Budget 2017-18

On February 1, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present one of the most challenging budgets in decades, as demonetization and resulting fall in the GDP growth's shadow looms. According to one survey , it was found that one-third of the participants said their incomes have fallen as a result of demonetization, while one-tenth of the participants said they were much worse off.

The Government is faced with a duouble challenge of appeasing the voters who are still suffering the aftershocks of demonetization one hand, while the need to make sure the economic growth of Aisa's third-largest economy returns to its old pace. From reforming income tax slabs, reducing corporate taxes, to increased spending in the health sector, there are a lot to expect from the Union Budget 2017-18. However, here are five things that we expect from a consumer point of view from the upcoming budget.

(Image Credits: Wikimedia, Pexels, Flickr)

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