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6 Strategies To Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions This Year

6 Strategies To Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions This Year

Many gyms in India and abroad generally witness a two-fold rise in its membership in the month of January as after eating and drinking a lot during the festive season , people finally think about their health and wellness. They become very enthusiastic and excited to join gym, make resolutions to go for morning walks daily and eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits to stay fit.

But, do all these New Year resolutions to become healthy last long? Do people really work hard to implement what they have promised? Well, people find it difficult to stick to their resolutions and many of them forget about them even before the month of January ends. Whether your goal is to skip junk food, prefer stairs over elevator, do 20 push-ups or walk for 20 minutes in the morning - you can do it. Yes you can, just follow these six tips to stick to your fitness resolutions .

1. Ask some questions to yourself : If you are lacking enthusiasm to hit the gym or to stick to a healthy diet , ask yourself some questions, for example why did you make a resolution to join a gym or go for morning walks? What is your goal? Probably, answering these questions will motivate you to keep going and fulfill your resolutions.

2. Make a time-table : The first step to accomplish any goal in life is to make a schedule and stick to it. Make your schedule according to the time you wake up every day and do morning exercise. You must make a diet plan else you won't achieve what you want to.

3. Take help from apps : There are a score of gadgets and apps available in the virtual marketplace to help you out, but you need to make the right selection. Try to look for something which can motivate you to hit the gym every day or that connects you to a community of health-oriented people. You can also search for an app that asks users at the end of the day if they managed to achieve the goal they set in the morning.

4. Be experimental : If you have made a resolution to exercise three or four times every week, you can think of variations to avoid boredom or fatigue . For example, if you are fed up with treadmill and weight rack, practice yoga or martial arts once in a week. This will add fun to your exercise program and you will feel motivated.

5. Re-evaluate your resolutions : If you have decided to run for say two kilometers every day and not liking it, you have the option to think and change your resolution for the year. Moreover, if you have made resolutions to practice yoga and do not feel motivated, stop it and pick a different resolution.

6. Ask for help when required : If you do not know how to do a certain set of exercises, do not hesitate to take help from your trainer. If you are not aware about new techniques and methods, book a session with your personal trainer to clear up confusion as it can help prevent injury and make you learn new moves.

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