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7 Photoshop Tricks You Must Know
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7 Photoshop Tricks You Must Know

If you are a regular user of Photoshop (Ps), you must know the following 7 tricks for a better Ps experience.

1. If you hold Alt + Shift + Ctrl while starting it, you can reset everything in your Ps.

2. The menus of Ps have one alphabet underlined, for example: F in File, E in Edit, and Y in Type etc. If you are using windows, you can quickly access the Ps menus by holding Alt and pressing these keys to access the corresponding menus.

3. By deleting the large files in the preferences folder, you can make your Ps load quickly as the memory would be cleared.

4. Using Ctrl + [ will move a layer down and Ctrl + ] will move a layer up.

5. By editing the performance set history (under EditaPreferences), you can have more 'Undo's than usual.

6. By going to Scale Effects under Layer Style, you can resize all your layer styles.

7. Pressing Shift + F1 would change the interface color.

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