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7 Lesser-known Interview Tips for Success

7 Lesser-known Interview Tips for Success

Your interview skills can be a make or break aspect of your career and many attend them underprepared. Here are some solid lesser-known tips to succeed in any interview.

1. Research the Company

Most candidates are guilty of going to interviews with very basic information about the company they are applying for. A well-prepared candidate must be more than aware of the basic information, they should be very well informed about the sector and markets in which the firm operates and also who their rivals are. It will be also beneficial to take a look at any of the recently released documents such as quarterly earnings or reports as well changes that have happened at a senior level leadership.

2. Clean up your Social Media

Some companies directly or use other services to check on the social media activities of the candidates they will be interviewing. So make sure you don't make posts or statements that can be racial, communal or sensitive in any manner. Also, clean up the posts from your past, which could be inappropriate or anything that might lead the interviewer to consider you as a bad fit.

3. Choose a Time in the Morning for Interview

If you are given a choice to pick a time for the interview, then always prefer a morning time slot. According to many studies, the best time to attend an interview is 10:30 in the morning. On the other hand, make sure to avoid last meetings of the day or post lunch and pre-lunch meetings.

4. Prepare a Personal Statement

One of the most routine questions in any interview is the 'tell me about yourself'. Many candidates make the error by describing the basic personal information which is found in the CV. You should be very well prepared with a personal statement that is honest and reflective of your strengths and qualities in order to answer that question.

5. Be Authentic

One of the golden rules for impressing people is to be authentic. Nothing can be achieved by pretending to be someone else that isn't you. Make sure you dress appropriately matching your personal style. Don't wear unnecessary accessories if you are not familiar with using them. It is always better not to wear a piece of clothing wrongly and be uncomfortable in it over something that is familiar and comfortable.

6. Identify your Weakness

Another important question you must have the answer for is 'what is your weakness'. This question is asked in order to see the level of candidate's self-understanding and his or her keenness improve themselves. When you answer this question always add your efforts and strategies in place for dealing with the particular weakness.

7. Ask Questions

The last part of the interview is your chance to ask questions. Many interviewers will ask if you have any questions. Use this wisely to demonstrate your knowledge of the role you are applying for and the other information you collected about the company. Also, if you think you have any other strong points or highlights that haven't been discussed in the interview, use the questions to bring them up to the interviewer's attention.

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