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8 Awesome Offbeat Valentine's
Day Date Ideas

8 Awesome Offbeat Valentine's Day Date Ideas

This is the month to be romantic. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we will see all the channels playing the best of romantic movies, we will see girls spending extra hours at the salon looking their best for the big date night and we will see the restaurants offering exclusive and over-priced Valentine's Day themed menus. However, if you're the nonconformist types and you don't believe in champagne, chocolates, candle light dinners and red roses then watch this space to make this Valentine's Day a unique experience for you and your partner. Here are some very creative and non-typical yet fun date ideas for celebrating the day of love.

1) Underplay it

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Instead of going over-the-top and arranging the finest evening possible for your partner try recreating your first meeting. Usually, the first date or meeting is slightly awkward and it'll be fun to recreate that same anxiety and adrenaline rush. You could also just curl up together and stay at home, take a walk in a park or just spend quality time with each other by keeping your cell phones switched off for the entire day.

2) Get sporty

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How about getting a love punch? I'll be interesting to enroll yourselves for a day at a sports club and spend your time huffing and puffing around each other. Creating that healthy competition via sports will remind you both that you're in for a ride together which won't be easy at all times, it'll come with its set of ups and downs but you two are willing to take it all in your stride with a big smile. So get sweaty during the day and probably take a dip in the pool with a glass of wine for company in the evening.

3) Geeky can be romantic too

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Couples who are bookworms can fix a date at a library or a book cafe. Read out passages to your partner from some of the most romantic novels ever written. Some of our recommendations include Gone With The Wind, Pride and Prejudice and Love In The Time Of Cholera. Now what's there not to love in this date? Coffee, books and your lovely partner. It just sounds perfect.

4) Do some charity

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Valentine's Day essentially celebrates love. Love brings joy, smile and happiness in our lives. And there is no better joy than giving joy to someone else. Volunteer at an NGO or work together for your favourite cause on Valentine's Day. You won't just receive blessings but you will also feel tremendously satisfied for making someone smile.

5) Give comedy a chance

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Rather than watching a romantic movie, opt for some comedy movies. Or go for a stand-up comedy act. Valentine's Day is about celebration of love and nothing better than having a hearty laugh with the love of your life.

6) Paint your love

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Express your love for each other by painting. Choose either a canvas or maybe a wall in your house. A love graffiti is a very creative and beautiful way of expressing your true feelings for each other.

7) Add a touch of Halloween on Valentine's Day

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No, we're not mixing dates or getting confused here but won't it be exciting to do a spooky role-play? Dress up as your favourite ghostly characters and surprise (rather shock) each other. You could continue this mean date by indulging in a destructive drinking game and end the night with a horror movie in your bed. Nothing more romantic than your partner burying their face in your chest or suddenly grabbing your hand at a spine-chilling scene.

8) Plan a treasure hunt

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It'll be interesting to play a treasure hunt before you finally meet each other. How about conducting a quiz about how well do you know each other? And with each passing correct or incorrect answer you further get a clue on where to proceed to finally get hold of each other. Let's play a little hard to get!

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