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8 Ways To Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your WordPress Site

8 Ways To Reduce The Bounce Rate On Your WordPress Site

WordPress websites, no doubt are an exceptional option to showcase the business site over the web. It has all the required metrics to set the page right for the visitors and provide the benefit to the website owners. It is a known fact that WordPress is a great CMS and it has already been accepted worldwide. However, one problem that still remains with WordPress (including other content management systems) is bounce rate.

It is the practice of navigation of the users to other sites even after landing on a specific page. To keep a track on the increasing bounce rate, a number of techniques have been developed till date and one exceptional is in the form of Google analytics. Prior to explaining the concept, let's dive deep into the factors that contribute to bounce rate.

From users' point of view, leaving a page can be a result of a number of factors. Users might leave the site in case they are not finding informative content over the page. It can also get possible in case the visibility, the design, or the usability is not up to the mark for the users.

Keeping an eye on the bounce rate is very much important from user engagement point of view. It is also important from SEO point of view. Bounce rate is a serious issue for many websites. We are thus summarizing here some of the ways that could help them cope with the situation effectively.

Here are the tips to reduce bounce rate on WordPress websites.

Serving quality content to the readers
There is no doubt about the fact that quality content is one of the pillars for successful websites. Low-quality content not only contributes to high bouncing rate but also plays its role in dragging away the clients as they will lose the trust in the authenticity of the service providers.

In case, if the users do not find websites effective, they are more likely to abandon the site for future references also.

Developing responsive websites
By choosing themes that are responsive in nature, it is easy to develop WordPress websites. As more and more people are switching to their mobile phones for accessing the sites, it is absolutely important for the service providers to include the responsive action while creating the websites.

As we have already explained it earlier, developing responsive websites gets much easier with responsive themes. Hence, the task can be executed easily.

Increasing site speed
It has been researched that nearly 50% of the users are likely to abandon the websites that take more than 2 seconds in loading. A second's delay in the loading of the websites is responsible for 7% reduction in conversion, which is just not good for the business of any stream.

Therefore, increasing the speed of the websites can easily ensure the stay of the users over the platform that will ultimately count for higher conversion.

Increased user experience
For every website, especially e-commerce platforms must offer exceptional user experience. Right from the appearance of the website to the navigation facilities and to the content posted over the platform, it is important to manage every aspect exceptionally well to keep users attention tagged into the websites.

Designing the site in the right way is another metrics for increasing the user experience. Site design is also a prominent factor to offer exceptional visual aesthetics to the users.

Taking a good care of the ads
Posting the ads over your WordPress websites is important as it will help you generate the revenue. But the act can prove to be ineffective if your are not managing the prospects exceptionally well. If it is ill practiced, then this will hamper the number of users visiting your website.

It is better not to post too many ads on the websites. In case, you need to generate revenue, try posting these ads over the homepage. Go with text ads more often as it will suit the overall aesthetics of the website.

Providing easy navigation
The visitors are the true revenue generator for your website. Thus, they should always be pleased whenever they choose to visit your websites. For the same, it is also important to offer them easy navigation options.

It is recommended to ensure that the navigation provided is simple, easily accessible and not at all confusing for the visitors.

The bottom line
It is important for the website owners to know the metrics that contribute to the bounce rate. A better understanding of the problem would help in searching for better solutions. Moreover, bounce rate is not going to reduce overnight. Thus, keep managing your websites exceptionally well so that you could erase the problem completely.

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( About the author: Williams Heilmann is an experienced SEO professional at PSDtoWordPressExpert . He keeps on throwing light on the factors that are responsible for bouncing rates. After researching every aspect in detail, he comes out with exceptional solutions that are also shared with audiences through engaging blogs.)

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