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9 Cool Uses Of Vaseline

9 Cool Uses Of Vaseline

Vaseline jelly has its own place in our homes. For years, it has been used in our homes to take care of our skin. However, very few are aware that this jelly has benefits and uses that go much beyond skin care.

Take a look at the following to learn why you should always keep your Vaseline jar handy!

For Nail Care and Beauty

Worried about your dried up cuticles? Dab on some Vaseline jelly and gently massage it in. It will instantly make your cuticles softer and the change will be even more visible during the dry winter months.

A second use of Vaseline during your at-home mani / pedi session could be making your nail paint bottles easy to open and close. Usually, nail polish sticks to the rim of the cap and makes old paint bottles difficult to open. Now, you can stop struggling. Just apply a little Vaseline under the cap and notice how easily the cap twists to the command of your fingers.

Let your Scent Linger for Long

Rubbing in some Vaseline into your wrists and neck before dabbing on your favourite perfume can make the scent linger on for a longer time. Next time, you set out for a daylong event, just remember this little trick and you will not feel the need to reapply the perfume all throughout the day.

Smile without Worrying about Lipstick Stains

This is a popular use of Vaseline - especially among your magazine cover girls, beauty pageant contestants and socialites. Apply a little bit of Vaseline on your teeth and completely forget about getting embarrassed with lipstick stains on your pearly whites. Not just that, the application will also lend some extra glow to your smile!

Avoid Spray Tan Streaks as well as Hair Dye Stains

Now while heading out to a spray tan session, don't fret about the messy streaks of tan lines. Just massage some Vaseline on to the back of your ankles, knees and hands and get a smooth and consistent tan.

You can also dab on some Vaseline all along your hairline while applying color and not worry about staining your skin with the color of the dye.

Dab on some for Glistening Long Eyelashes

Vaseline is used by many as a sort of eyelash conditioner. Not only does it soften the lashes and make them more pronounced and shiny but some even swear that a regular nightly application can even make your lashes grow longer!

Check those Split Ends between Trims

Women are often frustrated by having to go for frequent trims to beat those annoying split ends. And the time just before getting a planned trim is generally spent fretting over how damaged your hair appears. Now, as soon as you start noticing the splits making a comeback, use a little bit of your good old Vaseline to smoothen out the look of those roughed up hair tips.

However, this is not a cure for splits and you will eventually have to go for a trim but it will certainly help you have better hair days till the time you do so. Also, make sure you don't dab on too much Vaseline, else your hair may end up looking greasy.

Make Plucking and Shaving Easier for your Skin

Gently massaging some Vaseline onto the delicate skin around your eyebrows will make plucking them much easier. The action will not sting as much and the skin will not feel as traumatized as it would do if it was dry.

Vaseline can also be used to instantly soothe the skin after you've shaven it.

Make your Own Home-Grown Exfoliant

Mix some sea salt with a tablespoon of Vaseline jelly and you're ready with an effective exfoliant. Use this mix to gently massage and exfoliate your skin, and scrub away in the shower. You' will be surprised to notice how smooth and silky your skin feels after this experience.

Give Used Shoes a Touch-up!

Eager to look your best at the big conference tomorrow? Not too happy with those scuffed up shoes or heels? Relax. Just dab on a little bit of Vaseline on the places that seem rough and grazed and make your shoes look as good as new!

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