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9 Unwritten Rules of Elevator Etiquettes We Must FollowLife

9 Unwritten Rules of Elevator Etiquettes We Must Follow

S. Shanthi
Forget the dinner table, elevator is where good manners matter the most. The whole elevator experience forces people to share their intimate space with strangers.

So, catching a lift can be one of the most awkward things you will ever experience. It can be a very daunting and even more so when people are conducting themselves inappropriately. Elevator etiquette in office buildings, at the airport, and in high-rise apartment buildings is essential to show courtesy to others. (Also read: 8 Boardroom etiquettes that will make you a star performer)

Elevator rides do not last long, the space is small, and at times the crowd is large. To make these short rides in a confined space bearable we must all practice these 8 elevator etiquettes.

(Image Credit: Thinkstock, Pinterest)

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