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Attend Office Parties To Boost Productivity

Attend Office Parties To Boost Productivity

Gone are the days of all work and no play. Today's managers know how to retain their employees well. Timely incentives or parties at workplace are a good catch to keep employees happily indulged in their job.

Throwing parties to celebrate various occasions such as growth of the business, success of a project or even an employee's birthday or anniversary has become a trending fashion in present day work culture.

Some of you might be fond of these informal work parties but for many it's a burden to attend any such party just because the boss has made it a compulsion. Let's look at the office parties with a different perspective. Who knows these might come as a blessing during your appraisals and act as a staircase towards your career growth.

Though it might be a boring party but it has its own benefits. Check out the list to find out how these office parties help in increasing productivity:

1. Personal bond with the employer

The party venue is not any formal place. Here no one is a boss. Realize that your boss is as human as you. Even he loves to have funny chit chat sessions with booze in a hand.

These chit chat sessions works wonder in building informal bond beyond those board room meetings. You can discuss anything apart from work during these outings.

2. Opportunity to show off talent

If you have any hidden talent that stays on sleep mode during office hours, then this is the time to put it on the active mode. You can come in the eyes of your fellow workers and other people from various departments which is otherwise a difficult task to do in office with all the workload and shouting deadlines.

These parties are most important for extroverts who love mingling with fresh faces from different teams.

3. Friendly relation with co-workers

Higher number of your fans in office ensures that you have a fun time during your working hours as well. Office parties provides with a chance to interact with your co-workers and make friends with them. These friends pull you out of crisis situation at office and bring comfort in your professional life as well. Now you will enjoy being at office with friends around.

4. Increased chance of growth

Bonds build during office parties plays a crucial role during our increment cycle. Pose yourself as an independent, confident and influential individual and who knows your which quality leaves a strong impression on your boss's mind. In general also, socializing has become a pre-requisite for everyone's personal growth these days.

5. After party benefits

Maybe before the party it was difficult to initiate a conversation only because you were not able to decide a common topic of discussion. Now you have that topic. Discussing about what happened on the party night can give a good start to new friendships.

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