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Basic Guide To Choosing The Right Filters For Instagram Videos

Basic Guide To Choosing The Right Filters For Instagram Videos

If you've been tinkering around with Instagram of late, you'll most certainly have stumbled upon the app's new video capture feature, which lets you shoot and share up to 15 seconds of footage with any of the 13 filters that affect colour and contrast. While the filters are fun to experiment with, they can also be of real use if you want to get better quality video. We shot a few short masterpieces and found that, depending on the conditions and lighting, some filters work better than others:

Low-light and Indoors
When you're indoors or shooting in low light, like when you're at a house party or a restaurant, you'll most often end up with footage that's dark and high on image noise. The Ashby filter does a great job of brightening everything up without adding a mask-like wash on the video, like Stinson or Gingham . Plus, it doesn't bump up the contrast and create nasty shadows.

Outdoors and Bright Scenes
If you're fortunate enough to be shooting in a well-lit location, or better yet, somewhere outdoors during the day such as a public park, you can use just about any filter you like because you'll have sufficient lighting for your footage. However, my favourite filters for adding a bit of character are Vesper (adds a hint of yellow and enhances colours), Maven (brings a retro film-camera feel), and Ginza (softens the colour palette for a nostalgic look). These are all subtle, yet help give your video an artistic look. Some of the other filters don't do a lot for our Indian urban landscapes, but feel free to experiment.

Capturing images or video with your device's front-facing camera like a video message featuring yourself, means that you're most likely going to have to deal with low contrast and pasty colours, even if you're in a well-lit area. Luckily, two filters will help boost the colour and contrast, bringing back a bit of life into your footage: Dogpatch , which is essentially a straight-up contrast boost; and Helena , which adds both contrast and a tinge of yellow for a retro feel.

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