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DIY: Home-made Spray Paints Using Waste Products

DIY: Home-made Spray Paints Using Waste Products

Why would I need it?
You probably need it for the simple at looking and tough at making holiday homework projects of your kids.
Why can't I just buy it from a shop?
Well, it's hot outside. We won't want you to go out in sun just to buy something you can very easily make at your own, and that too at a much lesser cost.
What do I need?
Grab those bottles of acrylic paints or poster colors that your kids have stopped using because they have gone dry. Yes, you did right while deciding against throwing them.
Okay, Tell me how to do it
Take 1 part of water for 2 parts of paint that you have in the bottle. Use water to dilute the color, and when you have added water to it, bottle it up and shake it well.
Now you have a working model of paint, and all you need is a spray, right? Remember the spray bottles that you thought were too useless? Well it's time we take them out of the store room, because they are going to be used now.
Take the nozzle out of the too-big-for-the-color bottle, and fix it on the paint bottle. You can fix it on any other smaller bottle if it doesn't fit that bottle. Try using the empty carry-along perfume bottle if nothing else comes to your mind. They would be perfect for the job.
Did we just make home-made inexpensive spray paints, using things that were almost useless otherwise? Yes we did! Happy painting!

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