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Eight Rules to Help You Live Your Dream Life

Eight Rules to Help You Live Your Dream Life

Every year, at the New Year's Eve when the clock is just about to strike 12, I would tell myself that, "Well this year I am going to get that dream job, get the car that I have always wished for, have a body that I have always pictured for myself and also find the love of my life and so on. And this year will indeed be the turning point of my life"

I may still have not achieved this all (at least not to the extent that I had wished for anyway) but that has not stopped me from dreaming and day dreaming about the same as yet! However, to add a dash of realism in the picture rather than going by the resolution, I have now started to focus more on the goals (link).

In addition to increase the satisfaction quotient of my life and to be happy here are the 8 rules that I simply vouch for!

1. Make Peace with Your Past, so that it won't screw up your present.

Well, making peace with the past is a tedious process. We are somewhere within ourselves programmed to hold out to guilt and anger. Forgiving others does not come easily for us and some of us find it even more difficult to forgive ourselves.

Whether it is a long lost boyfriend/ girlfriend or that mean boss that did not promote you on time or an action that you did not take on time, it's all ok as they all are now things of the past. It is now time to close that book, wrap it a nice wrapping paper with a beautiful bow on the top and get into the PRESENT!

2. What others think of you is none of your business

It is pretty easy in life to have opinions and judgments about other people. Let's face it that even we do the same about others so it is pretty natural for the "others" in our life do have the same. However, you need to realize that obsessing about what the neighbors think about you or what the aunt in the US thinks about your career or what your mother thinks about your spouse is not really worth your mind space.

The more embossed and entangled you will get into what others think about You, the more confused and less focused you will become. Stop seeing yourself from other people's lenses and get more mindful of who you truly are!

3. Time Heals almost anything, so give it time

Well, we have all heard about this saying but don't really practice it much. No matter how difficult the circumstances are, just giving it a bit of time helps.

4. Don't compare your life to others and don't judge them too.

Like we do not like to be judged, it is not our business to judge anyone else. We are never aware of the complete picture of anyone else's life so we should keep our value judgments to just ourselves.

5. Stop thinking too much

Thinking and over analyzing never really helps in everyday life. So, what is the point of taking stress about the nuances of life? For a change, be ok with not knowing some answers and have that belief that they will come to you in due course of time. We all have experiences that all the Eureka! Moments of our life come at the time when we least expect them.

6. No one is in-charge of your happiness , but you.

This is again one of those saying that we have heard so many times. This is usually said in conjunction with another famous saying that "happiness is just a state of mind" but have we ever experienced it? If not, then how about today, will it be difficult for us to be happy for no reason? If that seems difficult at first, then make a list of things that make you happy and do them more often, till you find your groove.

7. Be grateful

We have always thought of the things that we desire and grumbled about why the other have it, but in doing so, often times we disrespect things that we already have. There have been so many things that we have achieved in this lifetime, so many little joys that we have earned for ourselves and so many big and small things to be thankful about. If we are mindful of the small joys of the life, life will not look like an uphill climb to us.

8. Love yourself

This is truly my favorite from the list. My mentor once told me that "you can never be too short, too long, too fat or too thin to love yourself." This amazing sentence has always been with me! Think about it, there is only one person as unique as you and you are the only person that is fit to know how truly awesome you are! How about giving yourself a hug today and saying aloud how much you love your own self. Yes, for some this can be a big task (like it was for me in the start) but once you fall in love with yourself, you will realize that there is no greater love than the love for thyself.

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