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Facebook vs Google+: Your Best Arguments

Facebook vs Google+: Your Best Arguments

In the recent past, we had a discussion on the website about ' Which is better - Facebook or Google+ .

And, we got overwhelming response from our readers, so we thought of collating the same and presenting the best arguments in front of you. What we found was that most of the readers of Lifehacker India have cast their vote in favour of Facebook.

Below you can read about the people's argument how Facebook is better than Google+.

Note: This post summarizes what you said, not necessarily what we think on the subject (although you might find a comment or two from us summarized as well, as we often participate in the discussion). Please keep that in mind as you read, and check out the original discussion if you want to see every argument.

Facebook is easy:

Well, on your Facebook page we get lots of updates and posts from our social groups and friends. Positing, liking and replying to those updates are easy on Facebook as compared to Google+ states Harsh Vardhan from New Delhi.

Facebook's social networking app is addictive:
Rajesh from Hyderabad states, "I think Google is slowly becoming and is transferring to a complete social network app. Facebook has created a wave in the recent past and more people are addicted to this social networking application. Google has to come up with new apps and has to be more user-friendly to turn the users towards it."

Google is less popular:
Another user Venkata Bhushana Rao from Bangalore says, as Facebook is independent of e-mail. Google is associated with Gmail only. So Google+ has not been so popular.

For some, popularity makes a service worthwhile. For others, it's just annoying.

Another reader Mahendra commented that he has been using Facebook since 2008 and is familiar with all its terms. But he started using Google+ since June 2012 and still doesn't know the meaning of +1.

Even Satish Odedra from Gandhinagar has a similar opinion but he sees Google+ catching up soon. In his words, "In terms of ease of use, I'd say Facebook is slightly better than Google but that will change over time.

Here are some points:
- The biggest plus for me to use Google is that I am easily able to manage what is displayed on my stream. I can get posts only from the people I've added in my circles and I can easily manage people across all circles.
- You have the freedom to narrow down your audience on Google. For example, people in all my circles don't need to go through my opinions on certain movies. I can share this information with selected group of people who are interested in movies and like to engage in a healthy discussion.
- Tight integration with all Google Services. As a frequent user of Google Services this is another great feature to have. You get an invite for your collage reunion on Google, it's reflected in Google Calendar, Google Maps and the photos you take during the event get stored on you Google album if you have enabled that feature in your G app.
- Best reason to use Google is its Android and iOS app. It's so beautiful that you can sit whole day just by looking at it.

For Facebook's mobile app, the lesser said about the app is better."

Google+ has more real people:

Some people feel that there are more real people on Google+ rather than Facebook. Users like Ravi from UK support this opinion.

"Facebook has been for quite some time now. I am never comfortable with sharing pictures privately on Facebook to certain friends. Over the years, my friends list has grown and some of the people I no longer remain in touch. I feel somewhat awkward just post everything to all my "Friends" on Facebook. Recently found the circles feature in Google+ really useful for sharing certain things to just family and certain things to close friends and now a few things to everyone of my Google+ friends. Somehow feel that G+ has more Real people", says Ravi.

However, TM from India replied to the comments with disparity that "You can create group in Facebook, which works in a same manner as circle in Google+".

Facebook is better:

Some people found this argument between Facebook and Google+ interesting. User Prashant Srivastava says, "FB vs G+... sounds cool enough, these two social networks work on different user interface, but have quite similar functionalities. Now the question is which is one better? 1. In terms of users, Facebook is quite ahead of G+ 2. G+ gives you all the access to all the Google products like YouTube, blogger, etc while the Facebook can't. 3. The timeline concept of Facebook is awesome, while there is no such concept in G+ so, in my opinion, wrt the social nature of site, Facebook is better than G+."

However, some people feel that it depends on what purpose you are using the Facebook and Google+, to select which is the better.

So, to conclude the discussion it is clear that Facebook holds an upper edge than Google+ among the Lifehacker India audience.

Still, how about going with both the social networking sites?

A post from Tanya supports the utility of both the networks. She says, "Depends on what your purpose is - if it is to purely be social - Facebook is for you. If you have interests other than talking old colleagues or finding out which party your boss will be at this new years - Google Plus is for you."

So, it does not matter which social networking site you are using until you are enjoying liking and sharing your posts with your friends and social groups.

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