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Five Effective Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

Five Effective Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption beyond a limit has harmful effects on the environment, which in turn affects us human beings as well.

For example, when a lot of litres of water are used for power consumption, it leads to shortage of water and then serious issues like drought arises.

So, here are some helpful ways to restrict the excessive use of electricity and also save money.

Go ahead and start applying them for a better today and tomorrow!

1. Unplugging
Most of us, when charging phones or laptops, forget or are too lazy to unplug the charger after the charging is complete. Appliances left on standby can consume 20 % more power than normal use. So now you know what to do when you see the switch on and the charger lying idle.

2. Replacement is important
It's time to change the old incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. You will be surprised to know that LED bulbs use up to 85 % less power. Also, if you have old air conditioners, replace them with energy saving air conditioners. It will consume lesser energy and in turn you will save a lot on your electricity bill. The same goes for refrigerators.

3. Cut down on the geyser use
Geyser consumes a major chunk of your electricity; instead you can use the gas cook-tops to heat the water. Good news is that its summer, so let the cold water flow.

4. Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer
If you have any plans to buy a computer, considering buying a laptop. It requires lesser energy to operate.

Moreover, avoid using screen savers, rather put your laptops or PCs to sleep or hibernation mode when not in use.

5. Turn the lights off when not in use
This is a commonly known fact that everyone is aware of but very few practice it. When not around, switch off the light, fan and other appliances and electronics. This will save ample amount of energy. Even if you're away for a few minutes, switch it off.

Make it a habit today and save on energy and money.

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( About the author: This article has been contributed by Khushboo Sikawat)

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