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Health Hacks To Stay Energized Throughout The Day At Work
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Health Hacks To Stay Energized Throughout The Day At Work

Most people feel lethargic and frustrated by the time they reach work every morning. The frustration of not having energy due to lack of exercise or good breakfast or sleep can act on our work performance. Having a healthylife is important at work because it reflects on our performance. To keep us energized throughout the day one can follow these simple suggestions.

1. Drink Water
Drinking water not only keeps us hydrated but also energized. It flushes waste through your system and gives you that full feeling so you are less likely to graze on unhealthy snacks. The more water you drink, the more trips you will take to the restroom, encouraging you to move throughout the day.

2. Healthy snacks
Most of have experienced the late afternoon slump when all we want is a snack, often salty or sugary, to perk us up. Do not fall victim to this downward health spiral. Keep healthy snacks nearby so that you are prepared when the cravings hit. Avoid infamous bowl of M&Ms and other sugary stuffs. Apples, yogurt, dry fruits, carrots, pita bread and hummus are all great snack options to be kept at desk or in the fridge.

3. Meditation & breathing
Doing routine things takes away happiness and builds frustration at work. Meditation practice helps us to slow down and be present enough to recognize the small joys about our work, as well as its frustrations. It helps us sort through the muck of our own mind, know our intention clearly, and live our lives fully. Practicing slow breathing while concentrating on our mind helps to be focused and reduces stress level. You can practice meditation & breathing with your colleagues or buddies!

4. Small physical activities
When at work, add some physical activity to your daily routine. Instead of elevator take the stairs or if you use public transportation to work try getting off a stop early and walk to work. During lunch break go for a walk with your colleague. Photocopy or print documents - yourself. Instead of drinking from bottle walk to water dispenser & drink water or simply deliver a memo in person to another in your office rather than emailing or calling them.

5. Take few minutes break
Organize your desk -remove clutters. Every now and then, give your eyes a break by looking at a distant object. Alternate your tasks so that various muscle groups work equally and effectively. Perform stretching exercises at your desk. Support your feet with a footrest if necessary and stretch your feet, give massage to your feet so that your leg and feet does not feel tired at the end of the day.

Try these hacks to bring positive changes in your life. You will be cheerful throughout the day and will have a healthylife at both work and home .

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( About the author: Sumana Rao is a regular writer and contributor to the HealthyLife property of WeRIndia . She has written on numerous topics including nutrition, fitness, yoga, vegetarianism, traditional medicine and others.)

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