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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Lose Weight

Shedding those extra pounds from the body is a big challenge for many as it is not so easy to follow a strict routine, stick to a diet and exercise. Sometimes, doing all these religiously also does not show the desired results. In a situation like this, one can look at the condition from a different perspective and explore to get to the bottom of the cause.
An unconventional tool like hypnotherapy can be considered in such a situation. Hypnotherapy can help you access the subconscious part of your mind which stores all the information about you and is your data bank. Because it stores all the information about you, it knows the real cause of any problem you may be facing. Thus, one can uncover the real cause of any problem or challenge, including struggles in weight loss. Once the real cause of the problem is known, it can be resolved easily.
What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy can be best described as the science of mind. It is a form of psychotherapy, which uses the power of the subconscious mind to overcome any challenge one might be facing. Using subconscious mind, one can find out limiting beliefs, thoughts and incidents that are causing emotional, mental and/or physical problems. Hypnotherapy is scientific and not mystic, unlike the popular belief.
Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is gaining popularity among people trying to shed off a few extra kilos. Hypnotherapy can help in weight loss in twofold manner: Firstly, it can help to go to the root cause (emotional cause) of excess weight and second, it can help in breaking the subconscious pattern of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits by changing the subconscious program.
Uncovering the Emotional Cause Let us look at the first aspect, i.e., the emotional cause. Our weight is determined by our eating habits which are often guided by our emotional state and well being. There are several studies that suggest when emotionally upset or stressed, we tend to eat more, which eventually leads to weight gain. Thus, there is often a strong emotional reason behind weight gain.
Most of the time, at the conscious level of our mind, we are not able to find out the real emotional reason causing weight gain. That's where hypnotherapy comes in handy. It helps you access your own subconscious mind (90% of your mind which has all information about you) and find out the source/emotional cause of the weight gain.
Once identified, this emotional cause can then be resolved to put the person at an emotionally balanced and harmonized state. This helps in bringing change in food and lifestyle.
Changing the Subconscious Program The second part of the approach is breaking the subconscious pattern of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits by changing the subconscious program. There are various tools used by hypnotherapists, which can help people get to their ideal weight.
One of the most popular tools is visualization. Under this, a hypnotherapist helps the client to imagine themselves at their ideal weight, how they are feeling being that etc. The therapist also helps the client explore what they are eating and lifestyle choices being at that ideal weight. This helps inculcate healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices at the subconscious level.
Another tool that can help in changing the subconscious program of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits is affirmations and suggestions. Affirmations can be defined as positive statements that help us install a new program in our subconscious mind. It is an effective way to change habits. Affirmations repeated at the subconscious level of mind can replace negative programs and habits related to eating. Any suggestion given continuously for 21 days to the sub-conscious mind becomes a habit. So, it takes about 21 days to break an unhealthy habit, if the process is followed properly and regularly.
Another way a hypnotherapist can help a person seeking to lose weight is by using desensitization tool. In this technique, a hypnotherapist relaxes the client and takes him/her to the subconscious state and then decreases the sensitivity of the client to junk food or other unhealthy eating habits. This approach can help a lot in curbing cravings of sweets, high carbohydrate foods, etc.
Thus, using a combination of the above mentioned tools, hypnotherapy can really help you take a completely new look at the challenge of excess weight. This upcoming modality helps in approaching the age old problem from a completely new perspective. If you, too, are looking to explore new tools to manage your weight, hypnotherapy can come in handy for you. So, go and explore the potential of your subconscious mind for a healthy body!

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