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How To Keep Fit During These Navratris

How To Keep Fit During These Navratris

Believe it or not, fasting in Navratris does have a scientific impact on your body. Both the times that this festival comes, that is, the beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn, are the times when seasons and the solar positions are changing. This marks our immunity on an all-time low. Our bodies are more prone to fall ill during these times and fasting for whole day can be harmful to us.

While fasting is a good way to please the Gods and cleanse your body and soul, this can bring with it health problems like low blood pressure, imbalanced sugar levels and dehydration.

Lifehacker India has come up with a list of hacks that you can follow during these Navratris and enjoy the festivals without falling ill.

  1. Drink a lot of water. Make sure that you drink more water than you usually do in non-fasting days. A well-hydrated body will keep you off the chances of falling sick because of dehydration and toxins that might be in your body.
  2. Curd with cucumbers and tomatoes will help you keep cool and also fill the empty stomach without eating food.
  3. If you give long times before meals, you can suffer acidity. To avoid that, make sure that you have dry-fruits or roasted Makhanas between meals.
  4. Another very good idea to maintain a good food intake during Navratris is curd and paneer, alongwith a pinch of rock salt.
  5. Fruit salads can help you maintain the sugar level in your body, thus saving you the problems of hypoglycaemia.

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