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How To Pick the Best Profile Picture for Dating Apps

How To Pick the Best Profile Picture for Dating Apps

Choosing the perfect profile photo on dating apps like Tinder and TrulyMadly is quite a task as your future depends on a single left or right swipe. The first thing most people go through on dating apps are your pictures, followed by your hobbies. So, you'd want to make an impressive first impression to land yourself a date. Here are a few helpful tips to pick the perfect display picture for dating apps.

Get a second opinion

Well, we aren't asking you to make a friend go through the zillion photos in your mobile phone to pick the perfect selfie or picture. But a second opinion from apps like Google SnapSeed is a must. Switch on the "auto-tune" feature on Google SnapSeed before you click a picture of yourself. What the app does is that it takes a guesswork at fixing the technical aspects like exposure, temperature and saturation to produce a bright yet natural looking photo.

Well, you can add a filter after this step but be careful of not going too bold or bright lest it makes you look artificial or too made up.

You can also use photo editing apps like BestMe Selfie, Cupslice, Fotor Photo Editor, but in moderation. Use editing apps to fix technical issues like lighting or minor skin imperfections but don't change your skin tone or texture in an extreme way as you don't want your date to feel disappointed when he meets you in person.

Upload single photos

Upload photos which show you clearly. Avoid group photos where you are not the main focus. It is better to upload a full-length picture. Don't try to hide your imperfections by cropping out your problematic areas. Keep it simple and real. If you upload a group photo, you are likely to make your potential date's attention wander.

Another red flag would be uploading a lot of selfies. Well, you don't want to be thought of as a self-obsessed person now, do you? You can definitely add a selfie to your photo album on dating sites, but refrain from uploading a selfie as your profile picture.

Choose an image that shows your interests

A profile picture can also be used to break the ice. Upload a picture of you doing what you like. For example, uploading a picture of you with your pet dog, a photo showing you on an off-road adventure or you bungee jumping acts a conversation initiation point. Moreover, a person with similar interest is bound to be attracted to you. People prefer finding like-minded people with similar hobbies and often bond well over shared interests.

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