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How to Burn-in Your New Headphones for the Best Sound Quality

How to Burn-in Your New Headphones for the Best Sound Quality

If you've just got a new pair headphones or earphones and want nothing but the best quality sound they can crank out, you should burn them in. 'Burn-in' involves nothing but playing audio through your headphones for anywhere between 40-500 hours, so as to give the speaker diaphragms a chance to loosen up and operate at their peak performance.

Here's What To Do:

1) Plug in your headphones to your computer's audio port, but don't wear them.

2) Go to the Tekfusion Burn-In Player and hit play. This will give your headphones a workout by looping white noise, radio noise and frequency sweeps to ensure coverage of the entire audio spectrum.

3) Set an alarm for 4 hours from the time you start.

4) When the alarm rings, stop the Burn-in Player.

5) Let your headphones rest for one hour with nothing playing. This is an important step, so don't skip it.

6) Repeat steps 2 to 5 for at least five cycles. The optimum number would 12 cycles, but five should be sufficient to prime your new headphones.

I tested two pairs with the above method -- the Creative EP-630 and the MEElectronics M Duo -- and both fared better after the burn-in. I noted clearer highs and mids, and the EP-630s also saw a slight increase in bass presence.

If you can't wait to experience your new cans, feel free to just use them as you normally would, and you'll burn them in naturally -- the above method is just quicker.

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