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to Creatively Use Broken Plates

How to Creatively Use Broken Plates

So many times expensive and fancy dishes slip from our hands and result into small broken pieces. You might shed a tear or two for losing a plate from your fine china set but after that it's time to buckle up and wear your creative hats. Here are some wonderful ways in which you can put those broken dishes to really good use. Now salvage those broken pieces creatively with these simple ideas.

1) Decorate photo frames

Photo frames treasure our most special memories. To make them even more memorable how about embellishing these photo frames with a myriad of colours. You could paste broken china dishes on the photo frames to add that vibe of happiness to the photo frames.

2) Give your windows a new look

Revamp your windows with the help of broken plates. You can either paint the broken dishes in a colour of your choice or else use them the way they are. Paste them in a sequence on the windows and enjoy colourful sunshine peeping through your new refurbished window.

3) Add some sparkle to your pots

How about adding some bling and colour to the earthen pots in your house? Now why throw away those broken pieces of dishes when you can stick them to a plain pot and give it a ravishing makeover.

4) Garden edging with a twist

Fencing is passe, now think out-of-the-box and use broken plates for garden edging. This is really an innovative way to get rid of chipped plates. Either line up plates broken into halves or randomly place broken pieces of different shapes and colours to build the fencing.

5) A colourful garden ground

How about a rainbow patch in the middle of your garden? Now use the broken glass shards to cover a patch in your garden to compliment the manicured lawn.

6) A glass pendant

It's difficult to let go of your favourite piece of plate. Now don't be heart-broken and instead of throwing it away wear it with style. Use the broken dish pieces as pendants and wear them with your favourite chains.

(All Images: Pinterest)

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