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Is this the Best Time to Buy?
Saving Money

Is this the Best Time to Buy?

The festivals are also synonymous to shopping. People usually get bonus around Diwali and are contemplating on how to make best use of the bonus all year around.

Even marketers are aware of this trend and usually have festive discounts and sales during this period to boost sale. From a home to a mobile everything is being offered at a special festive price.

This year too is no different in this regards. We already have property builders promising to offer free cars to discounted rates for any property purchase. Even automobile makers are offering freebies and discounts to push sales of their brands.

Most people also associate Diwali period to be auspicious to buy gold or white goods. Major electronics chains too have announced special collaborations with banks to assist people in pick the object of their desire at a discounted rate.

Though one would want to go all out and buy the swanky new iPhone 5S, a certified gold coin and a new car just this instant and make most of the offers, but that's when the reality knocks on our door and we release that all the purchases will have to confine in the limited constraints of a budget.

So what is that you are likely to pick up in this festive season? Will it be a LED TV that will grace your living room or will it be a new mixer grinder for your kitchen or will you be looking at replacing your smartphone for the forthcoming iPhone? Let us know what is your pick and why by either posting them below or by mailing them to

In addition to this, lifehacker will be bringing in a four part series in which we will detail whether it is a good time to buy the car of your dreams, a smartphone, to invest in a house or dig into gold? So, watch out for these articles over the next week

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